Volcom Stone’s Starfish Surf Series
Goldenwest Street
July 11, 2008

July 18, 2008: – – With summer in full swing, it was time to start the VQS 08/09 tour off with a bang. Back in the early days the Starfish Surf Series was held on a weekday, so we figured to start it off the same way on a beautiful Friday morning. With zero swell predicted in the forecast we were fired up to see clean contestable lines rolling through.

The kids mobbed the beach early and were ready to get down and dirty for some amazing prizes. The Girls final was the first final to hit the water in the late afternoon and the all-star cast definitely gave us a show. Coco Ho and Claire Bevilacqua started out the heat with some top notch slashes, but unfortunately couldn’t get the sets they needed to capitalize on.

The southern Cali duo of Erica Hosseini and Kaleigh Gilchrist used their local knowledge to find some long rippable waves. As the final buzzer sounded, Erica came out on top and grabbed the first win of the season.

It was all business in the Grom division as a new mountain bike awaited the winner along with a heap of prizes. Colin Moran, John Elles, and Jack Boyes held their ground the entire heat, but as the 20 minute final came to a close, they ran out of gas. The little powerhouse team of Kanoa Igarashi and Breyden Taylor quickly capitalized on the situation and took control of the heat.

Both put on a mind blowing performance of where surfing’s future is heading. However, sometimes there is a grom who is able rise above the rest, and in this case it was super grom Kolohe Andino whose display of high performance shredding won him a new mountain bike, Vestal Watch, and all the product one could imagine.

The Junior division had some tough competition with Evan Kane, Hugo Cornec, and Ford Archbold launching some incredible moves. Dane Zaun showed some futuristic maneuvers also, like a huge frontside air, but was unable to hang on to the lead. The little size of Luke Davis made it easy for him to blow up on even the smallest waves.

In the end, Billy Hopkins gave Luke a run for his money, but came up short and Luke walked away with the win along with a Santa Cruz skatedeck, H2O audio set, and a backpack full of prizes.

The Electric Volt Thrower award was up for grabs among all the finalists. Ryan Carlson had it in the bag with a lofty frontside 360 in the semis, but when the Pro-Am final came around the boys really flared up. Kyle McGeary had his eye on the $500 first place prize, but instead, walked away with $50 dollars, some new Electric Shades, and the Volt Thrower move of the day.

The Aussie from the sunshine coast, Chris Friend, started off the final with some great rail surfing, but failed to find a high scoring third wave leaving the door open for Macy Mullen. Macy grabbed the three scores he needed and walked away with the win and $500 cash. Daniel Shea, Ryan Carlson and Ryan McCarty rounded out the final.

Thanks to everyone who made the first Starfish event amazing and get ready for the second stop of the Starfish tour at Huntington Pier on Saturday, August 16th. Special thanks to Chipotle for feeding the kids some delicious burritos.

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1. Macy Mullen $500
2. Chris Friend
3. Kyle McGeary
4. Rylan McCart
5. Ryan Carlson
6. Daniel Shea

1. Luke Davis
2. Billy Hopkins
3. Ford Archbold
4. Dane Zaun
5. Evan Kane
6. Hugo Cornec

1. Kolohe Andino
2. Kanoa Igarashi
3. Breyden Taylor
4. John Elles
5. Colin Moran
6. Jack Boyes

1. Erica Hosseini
2. Kaleigh Gilchrist
3. Claire Bevilacqua
4. Coco Ho
5. Shelby Detmers
6. Marrisa Shaw

Electric Volt Thrower

Kyle McGeary – $50