Vote now to support a new app that helps protect endangered waves

Save the Waves Coalition is developing a new app to help protect coastline, and they need votes.

We all know by now that the ocean needs all the help and protection it can get.

If you want to make a difference but don’t know where to even begin, Save the Waves is developing a new app called “Endangered Waves” that is seeking to protect different waves around the world that are being threatened by any number of environmental catastrophes, according to SURFER.

Save The Waves Coalition, is devoted to protecting our coastlines, and want to use the Endangered Waves app as a way to capture the power of community, and make a real difference.

help out your local break by voting for this new app. Photo: Save The Waves

“There are over 23 million surfers worldwide, that cover six continents. With 80 percent usage of mobile technology, we have a real opportunity to harness a very powerful data network,” founder Nik Strong-Cvetich explains in the above video.

The way the app works is simple: If you’re on the coast and you see a threat, head into the app. You’ll be given a drop down menu of different threats to choose from. Select what you’re seeing, and your photo will be uploaded to the cloud, and GPS tagged to that location. Then, you’ll have the ability to share out through your social networks, spreading the word even further.

The app is still looking for funding, and needs all the votes it can get. Voting closes Thursday, Oct. 19, so you still have just enough time to make your voice heard.

Here are the steps to voting:

1. Visit
2. Click 'Vote For This Submission’
3. 'You Can Only Vote Once' - (Click Yes)
4. Create a log in with name, email, and password
5. Retrieve the automated email in your inbox
6. Click “Activate Account”

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