Volcom Premieres Computer Body

[IMAGE 1]Anytime Volcom makes a road trip you know it’s gonna be good. On Thursday the 24th of August Volcom brought it’s traveling circus to La Paloma theater in Encinitas and showed its latest surf film Computer Body. “We’re doing a series of these underground premieres,” says Volcom’s Rich Woolcott, who along Troy Eckert and Jay Twitty made their way down to North County to host the event. The movie was first shown about two weeks ago in Orange County during the Op Pro, then showed two nights ago in Virginia Beach.

La Paloma is a classic old time movie theater that comes alive for surf premiere’s. The bar across the street emptied out right into the theater. When the lights dimmed the yelling started and the backpacks full of twelve packs emptied. The crowd was rowdy and the product toss was apeshit. When the much anticipated Computer Body started the clouds of smoke rising from the audience started too. It was a great effect when the smoke went in front of the projector, trippy dude.

[IMAGE 2]The slightly moody, 16 mm film featured Volcom team riders such as Gavin Beschen, Tai Van Dyke, Barney Barron, and Kamalei Alexander, but there were three real stars. One was 15-year-old super-grom Dustin Cuizon. Surfing with style, and ability far beyond his age, this kid could be a future world-title contender no problem. He was solidly throwing his tail, hitting a big, spray-throwing cutback, or pulling into deep Velzyland barrels.

The next was Bruce Irons. An all-around star in his own right, Brucy pops airs and surfs with power and grace at the same time. Getting the meat of the movie, Irons was mind-blowing in his own right. Ozzie Wright’s section was ass-kicking. A little-known pro in the U.S., his part in Computer Body will send waves through the new air-surfing crew. He literally attacks waves with extreme speed and moves that would impress top street skaters. He can ollie at will and spin it either direction.

[IMAGE 3]At a little longer than 30 minutes, Computer Body won’t lose even the most ADD-affected surfer. The movie wasn’t really even planned, says Woolcott. “We were just filming some of our team, then sat down and watched it and realized it was enough to put a film together.”

The film was a great success judging by the vocal appreciation. Go get a copy and invite all your friends over, have a premiere at your house, if you get everybody drunk enough it will be just like the real thing. Have fun!