USSF Results From The 6th Annual Donnie Solomon Memorial Event

6th Annual Donnie Solomon Memorial Event
Sat. & Sun. January 12 ? 13, 2002
Surfers Point, Ventura, California

A Pro-Am Open Mens Event. A District rated and Championship Tour ratedevent took place on Sat. and Sun.

This was a fund raising event for the American Red Cross in memory ofDonnie Solomon. Donnie was a volunteer Red Cross representative for theVentura Chapter and a top ASP rated Professional Surfer who was takenfrom us while surfing Waimea in December of 1995.

Over $4500.00 was raised for the American Red Cross, Ventura Chapter. Many surf companies, local businesses and individual contributions weredonated towards the raffle that was held at this event.

Excellent weather and surf conditions. Six to eight foot waves.

Sat. January 12, 2002

Pro-Am Open Event: 48 top professional and amateur surfers competed inthis event.

Total prize money: $3,400.00

1. Pat O?Connell, Laguna Niguel, $1,300.00
2. 2. Adam Virs, Ventura, $600.00
3. Dylan Slater, Ventura, $400.00
4. Bron Heussenstamm, Laguna Beach, $300.00
=5. Shaun Burrell, Redondo Beach, $150.00
=5.Danny Nichols, Huntington Beach $150.00
=7. Dayne Reynolds, Ventura, $100.00
=7. Bart Templeman, Isla Vista, $100.00
Highest Wave Score Pat O?Connell, Laguna Niguel. $100.00
Most Radical Move Chris Brown, Carpenteria, $100.00
Best Air Chris Brown, Carpenteria, $100.00

Sun. January 13, 2002
Championship Tour Series 5 * Rated Event

1. Nic Rozsa, Oxnard

Junior Men
1. Brad Burdick, Laguna Beach
2. Jason McIlwee, San Clemente
3. Josh Sheddon, Lake Elsinore
4. Michael Frank, Newport Beach

1. Kiyoto Takachiyo, Venice
2. Grant Hueth, Poway
3. Jeremy Hohnbaum, Temecula
4. Satoshi Nakamura, Huntington Beach

Open Men
1. Scott Seggermann, Marina
2. Eric Sturm, Redondo Beach
3. Stewart Cohen, Northridge
4. Jason McIlwee, San Clemente

Expression Session
1. Chad Compton, Ventura
2. Eric Sturm, Redondo Beach
3. Spencer Alary, Ventura

Open Women
1. C J Soto, Carlsbad

Sun. January 13, 2002
Nor Cal, Los Angeles Orange County District Series 3 * Rated Event

Good weather and surf conditions. Three to five foot waves.

1. Chad Compton, Ventura
2. Timmy Fannenstiel, Carpenteria
3. Sean Ryan, Ventura
4. Spencer Alary, Ventura
5. Brad Nisbet, Ventura
6. Kevin Craig, Manhattan Beach

Junior Men
1 Brad Burdick, Laguna Beach

Open Men
1. Eric Sturm, Redondo Beach
2. Grant Hueth, Poway
3. Jeffrey O?Donnell, Canoga Park
4. Brent Flaaten, Camarillo
5. Scott Seggermann, Marina
6. Kiyoto Takachiyo, Venice

Open Women 1. C J Soto, Carlsbad