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US officials have denied mistreating Bra Boy surf gang leader Koby Abberton in a Hawaiian jail.

Abberton, 30, (pictured above with Tom Dosland at the Kaneohe jail) was arrested last Thursday at Honolulu international airport on a visa violation relating to his recent assault conviction in Hawaii.

The professional surfer’s lawyers complained in the media yesterday that Abberton was being held in solitary confinement, suffered a dislocated elbow in an altercation during his arrest, was not fed for 24 hours and received little water in his cell.

“The allegations his attorney made were absolutely without merit,” US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokeswoman Virginia Kice said today.

Abberton was being held in a cell by himself because he had a history of violence, Ms Kice said.

“The reason he is being held in a cell by himself is because of the nature of his criminal conviction – the fact he was convicted of assaulting a law enforcement officer,” she said.

It is Abberton’s second stint in an Hawaiian jail in a month.

On November 20 he was sentenced to three days jail for assaulting off-duty police officer Richard Puu outside a Honolulu nightclub in March.

Abberton entered a no contest plea to assault and was released from custody after two days.

When he went to Honolulu airport on Thursday he was arrested because the assault charge conviction contravened a visa waiver program for Australians.

Ms Kice said Abberton’s elbow injury happened innocently during the ride from the airport to jail.

“He said during the ride from the airport where he was apprehended to the ICE detention facility, the vehicle hit a bump.

“His elbow may have been jostled out of place. Our officers readjusted his cuffs and helped him get comfortable.”

Ms Kice also dismissed the claim Abberton was denied food and water.

“He did skip breakfast the first morning because he opted to sleep late but he has been eating regularly ever since.”