Usually when you get these mainstream reports about a famous person that surfs it’s the Matthew McConaughey-types who in real life wouldn’t know the difference between FCS and Futures and would wax the bottom of their board—if they actually waxed their won board. But not my homey Frankie Hejduk! I first met Frankie when we were 12 at a YMCA surf contest in Encinitas where he beat me at my home break. Since then Frankie has gone on to play in the Olympics like three times and has been on the US National Team for 13 years. Dude is a stud—and one hell of ripper when he can get away from the soccer field…

Frankie Hejduk US National Soccer Team

“Game over time to rip!”

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Reporting from Nashville — It must be all that salt water, all those Pacific swells. Either that or all those espressos. What else could have preserved Frankie Hejduk this long?

At an age when many soccer players have slowed to a crawl, Hejduk is still thrashing through the waves like a man demented — his long hair streaming like seaweed, his eyes reflecting a definite caffeine overload.