Updated Hurley Pro Trestles Betting Odds

Ace Buchan
Taj Burrow
Mick Fanning
John John Florence
Jeremy Flores
Josh Kerr
Gabriel Medina
Joel Parkinson
Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater
Jordy Smith
Julian Wilson

Updated Hurley Pro Trestles Betting Odds

With just a few days left 'til it starts, odds makers have retooled their opinions on the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles. Not much has changed at the top, but a few wildcards have been factored into the equation as San Clemente locals Ian Crane and Nate Yeomans have been added to the draw as injury replacements. While the two are talented and surf Lowers regularly, they can't be considered serious threats to the big dogs of the World Championship Tour.

The surf forecast is looking less-than-rosy and the event is rumored to be running this Sunday (Sept. 15), Tuesday, and finishing Wednesday to take advantage of what south swell is available. With small surf in mind, the larger surfers on tour could struggle to find the ramps that lead to big scores. And make no mistake about it--a solid air game is necessary to win at Lowers. Following the Hurley Pro, there are only three WCT events left, two in Europe and the season ending Pipeline Masters. It's crunch time on the World Tour, who's going to step up and take a strangle hold on the ratings? Leave us your Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles pick-to-tin in the comment section below!

Kelly Slater 3.75 to 1
Mick Fanning 9.00 to 1
John John Florence 9.50 to 1
Joel Parkinson 10.00 to 1
Jordy Smith 11.00 to 1
Dane Reynolds 15.00 to 1
Taj Burrow 17.00 to 1
Gabriel Medina 17.00 to 1
Julian Wilson 17.00 to 1
Adriano De Souza 19.00 to 1
Josh Kerr 21.00 to 1
Nat Young 21.00 to 1
Adrian Buchan 21.00 to 1
Filipe Toledo 34.00 to 1
Michel Bourez 34.00 to 1
Jeremy Flores 51.00 to 1
CJ Hobgood 51.00 to 1
Kolohe Andino 51.00 to 1
Fredrick Patacchia 51.00 to 1
Sebastian Zietz 51.00 to 1
Brett Simpson 81.00 to 1
Kai Otton 81.00 to 1
Pat Gudauskas 101.00 to 1
Bede Durbidge 101.00 to 1
Mitch Crews 101.00 to 1
Damien Hobgood 151.00 to 1
Adam Melling 151.00 to 1
Nate Yeomans 151.00 to 1
Matt Wilkinson 151.00 to 1
Travis Logie 201.00 to 1
Yadin Nicol 201.00 to 1
Ian Crane 201.00 to 1
Alejo Muniz 201.00 to 1
Kieran Perrow 201.00 to 1
Raoni Monteiro 201.00 to 1
Miguel Pupo 201.00 to 1

Taj Burrow

A 17 to 1 favorite to win the 2013 version, Taj Burrow lights up Lowers during the 2012 Hurley Pro. Photo: ASP