Upcoming movie ‘The Big Wave Project’ is inside look at big-wave world

A five-year journey for Tim Bonython following around the best in the world in the biggest waves in the world.

The world of big-wave surfing is like no other on the planet. The men and women who ride the biggest waves of every swell all over the globe are more tight-knit than you could even believe.

They each depend on each other with their lives and bonds are formed that cannot be broken.

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Filmer Tim Bonython has immersed himself deep within this world for the last five years working on his newest film, “The Big Wave Project”. The trailer below gives some insight into the world he’s hoping to highlight.

Witnessing terrifying moments like the near-death of big-wave surfer Aaron Gold, it’s a sobering trailer. Following the biggest names in the big-wave world like Mark Healey, Greg Long, Aaron Gold, Keala Kennelly, Ryan Hipwood, Jamie Mitchell and more, the movie shows just about every famous big-wave doing its thing.

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Aside from documenting their tight-knit bond, “The Big Wave Project” also “documents the history of the how the sport has developed from humble origins when the original big wave surfers paddled with little or no support to outer reefs through modern tow-in surfing on almost unsurfable reef breaks, to the latest challenge of returning to the simple art of unassisted paddling into 100-foot walls of water,” as Bonython notes in the trailer’s description.

Stay tuned for tour dates. “The Big Wave Project” will be premiering at the Australian Surf Movie Festival in May.

Teahupoo looking awfully scary from above. Photo: Vimeo