Tasmanian surfer Tyler Hollmer-Cross has survived what may be the wipeout of the year. Surfing the infamous wave of Shipsterns, Hollmer-Cross falls at the very top of the estimated 40-foot-high wave and is then thrown into the abyss.

At the end of the clip, in the bottom left-hand corner, you can just make out the open-mouthed fear of 2015 Hurley Lowers Pro winner Mick Fanning, who had traveled with Hollmer-Cross to surf the wave for the very first time.

"I had actually made one wave and was feeling relieved to be alive," Fanning told GrindTV. "Then I saw Tyler's wipeout and all the nerves came back. It was horrific; I was just so happy to see his head pop up. I'm not sure how he survived."

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