There have been many valiant but inadequate attempts to create captivating surf movies from the land of frozen, coffee colored drainers. It’s tough to actually capture and emit on film the atmosphere that engulfs the New Jersey coastline and it’s wave hungry surfers. Combine this with the long periods of flatness, which cause most New Jersey pros to travel a lot of the time, and we’re left with the unfulfilling bag of projects to date.

Fear not though, as two films set to release this year look to fill the gaps. Though we’ve only seen the trailers so far, A Pleasant Surprise and Dark Fall both seem to be very promising at having captured the mindset of New Jersey surfers, and their connection with the Atlantic. Hopefully these films can break the Garden State surf movie barrier and show the surf world why every New Jersey charger swears by their homebreaks. In 2009 these movies should have you hearing more “YEAHS!” in thick accents than you can handle. -Ryan Brower

Kyle Pahlow’s 16mm project, ‘A Pleasant Surprise’, looks to stamp it’s mark on the East Coast surf film scene this year. For more on ‘A Pleasant Surprise’ head to

Alex DePhillipo’s ‘A Dark Fall’ is shot in HD and centers around on one of the best times to be a New Jersey surfer, fall. For more on ‘A Dark Fall’ head to