Turning overlooked footage into a beautiful surf travel film with Morgan Maassen

And even editing it on a flight to Australia.

Surf photographer Morgan Maassen says that “Editing video is bar-none my favorite thing to do.”

Maassen, who won SURFING Magazine’s Follow The Light Award in 2010, has made quite a name for himself in surf photography since then. But in the past few years, he has been returning more and more to his first love of filmmaking.

“As a teenager, I actually first found cameras through filmmaking,” Maassen told GrindTV. “I made short films about surfing, traveling and adventuring with my friends all throughout high school. But that took a backseat when I discovered photography and almost immediately began to pursue a career in it.”

Stephanie Gilmore. Photo: Courtesy of Morgan Maassen

Noa Deane. Photo: Courtesy of Morgan Maassen

Maassen purchased a RED camera in 2013 and has been dedicating more and more of his time to filmmaking. He’s produced some stunning short films on his travels to date and his latest offering “Jungle” is certainly the next evolution for Maassen.

Filmed throughout Bali, Mexico, Nicaragua, Maldives, Mentawais, California, Barbados, Australia and France, “Jungle” came to being after Maassen rediscovered the footage while re-organizing a media server. Maassen says:

“I was re-organizing the media server in my office when I began to realize how much footage has been lost in the shuffle, and ultimately under-utilized. I was heading to Australia for a photoshoot, so I loaded them onto a hard drive and set out to edit something on the plane, if nothing else as an exercise of passion. I landed in Australia with a rough draft of “Jungle,” and color-corrected it the following day to the point that you see it now.”

There aren’t many people on this planet that have the drive do something like that. It just goes to show that Maassen’s talent and passion combine, providing the rest of us some very enjoyable images and films.

Nat Young. Photo: Courtesy of Morgan Maassen

Noa Deane. Photo: Courtesy of Morgan Maassen

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