You probably wouldn’t blame Mike Coots if he had ill-will towards the tiger shark that took his leg in 1997. But he could not have a belief that is further from that. Coots has done a lot of work to change public perception about sharks. And a new crowdfunding campaign he’s involved with further emphasizes his belief that sharks need to be protected at all costs.

The project is called Fin for a Fin, and it aims to be a set of surf fins that protects both sharks and surfers in Australia. It’s sort of like the concept of being an organ donor in that the fins will let others know that if you are attacked by a shark that you do not want the shark (or any sharks) to be killed because of that.

“Sure, I lost my leg,” Coots says in the campaign video. “But if a shark takes my life, I don’t want it dead. It’s a surf fin that acts as a statement for shark protection.”

While the fins made by Glide Surf in Australia will come in two options, thruster size medium or a single fin for longboards up to 9 feet long, profits will head to two shark protection charities: Dorsal is an Australian shark sighting alert app and Tag for Life is a shark education charity.

The Fin for a Fin design. Photo: Courtesy of Fin for a Fin

Essentially, if you were to be attacked and killed by a shark you would be letting authorities know of your wishes for the shark to be protected — again, sort of like having the organ donor symbol on your driver’s license. Aside from having the fins themselves, you’d also be added to Fin for a Fin’s registry so your wishes could be made known there also.

Fin for a Fin is aiming to offer the thruster set for $160 and the single fin for $180. And while this is an Australian campaign at the moment, we don’t think it’s a bad idea for something along these lines to be started in the United States with all the shark sightings we’ve been experiencing in Southern California this spring.

Mike Coots with the Fin for a Fin surf fin.

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