thumThe last top 10 of the Innersection project has been announced. This one might have been the hardest one to make it through because of entries by names like Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Ry Craike, Ben Bourgeois, and more.

So now what?

Now, you put them into order. 10 points for first place. 9 points for second. We’ve been over this a bunch of times.

Drag and drop. Then click VOTE. You get one vote. You have all week to lock it in. There is no rush (though, you will feel something when you click “vote”), so go back a re-watch a few of your favorites. Feel free to comment. Campaign. Celebrate. Enjoy the top 10 entries and vote for your top 5 to make this final cut.

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Would you expect anything less than big West Oz barrels from the likes of Ry Craike? Of course not.
1. Ry Craike (41/50)
(directed by Tom Jennings)
“I like the way Ry didnt make the cut in the previous round and bounced back with this section. This is one of my favorites. Its a super tight section in every way. Top 5 easy. Top section overall?”—Taylor Steele

The world finally gets to see just how insane Peru’s Gabriel Villeran actually is.
2. Gabriel Villeran (38/50)
directed Kyle Buthman
“This guy surfs good and his section has good variety. This is the best video I’ve watched so far.”—Brad Gerlach

Nothing groundbreaking from Slates, but hey it still blows 85% of the entries out of the water.
3. Kelly Slater (37/50)
directed by Daz
“Most guys get slower and smoother as they age, Kelly keeps trying to go faster into new positions on a wave. Very inspiring what he’s able to do.” —Shea Lopez

Very well-rounded offering here from Brent Dorrington.
4. Brenno Dorrington (35/50)
directed by Lachlin McKinnon
“Queensland guys have an advantage … but you can’t hold that against ’em. Great blend of full body carves, barrels and crisp airs. And some nice editing touches. Snap!”—Nick Carroll

Big waves, big airs, Alex Gray has it all on lockdown.
5. Alex Gray (33/50)
directed by Matt Shuster, Scott Smith & Co.
“Now that’s a fucken Innersection clip. The opening shot says it all. What a difference a good camera guy makes. 7.5.”—Nick Carroll

A little heavy on the Santa Cruz footage, but the comedy and theme of this clip really helped it through.
6. Austin Smith-Ford (27/50)
directed by Andy Hoffman
“Never heard of Austin before but you surf great. It’s hard to pull off a pogo stick and a scooter but you did it. Ghostland is a great band. good job on section Andy.” —Taylor Steele

Uruguay’s finest shows us that they can breed surfers.
7. Marco Giogi (25/50)
directed by Loic Wirth
“Marco rips, kills its actually, slays the women, speaks three languages and probably will be the first surfer from Uruguay to make the tour. Keep a eye on him.” —Heath Walker

Benny B has been ripping since his tyke years. No surprise really that him and Mr. Ricciotti team up for another fresh keeper.
8. Ben Bourgious (24/50)
directed by Jerry Ricciotti
“Sick edit, classic footage! Benny B kills! Smooth style, sick rail work and progressive turns and airs. That’s the way to mix it up!!!”—Jason Shibata

Along with Ry Craike, some of the best aerial surfing this round has to offer.
9. Thiago “Shrimp” Camarao (22/50)
direct by Rafael Calsinski
“Shrimp nuggets! This is the best part I’ve watched so far in this round. You are killing. Looks like the footage was only from one trip too, not just scattered clips from a million sessions. A+.”—Jimmicane

Wasn’t exactly what we were expecting out of Parko, but it still made the top 10.
10. Joel Parkinson (21/50)
directed by Kevin Longwell
“Just watch the surfing…it’s perfect!”—Shea Lopez