Extreme weather conditions and storms once lauded as occurrences like “50-year storms” seem to be happening on a much more frequent basis. These conditions are now becoming yearly, monthly and even daily happenings.

Take the Slurpee Wave in Nantucket, MA that photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh documented. It happened again recently, and it’s been happening the last few winters.

With the sub-zero temperatures that Winter Storm Grayson brought at the end of last week to the entirety of the eastern seaboard, now other places are seeing this phenomena. More specifically, New Jersey.

“Being surrounded by slush was surreal. Surfing in it was nearly impossible,” New Jersey native surfer and marine biologist Chris Huch told GrindTV of his Slurpee Wave session. “The slush makes your board instantly slippery. Plus there were some bigger ice chunks that could put a hurt on your board.”

@Yewwville is sure to have a couple gems from his swim session in the Slurpee Waves. Photo: Instagram

Slush burgers over mush burgers any day // @jpobriendv #nubnation #semipro

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While the Slurpee Waves that hit New Jersey the past couple of days were a bit more micro-sized than what we’ve seen from the original Nantucket ones, it doesn’t make it any less astounding that the ocean is currently cold enough to freeze and slush up in a place like New Jersey.

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