San Clemente’s Tanner Gudauskas is one of four Californians—all from Orange County coincidentally—to be calling the 2010 ASP World Tour their job next year. The youngest Gudauskas brother has been on the radar for a while, and making the Tour has been one of his long-standing goals.

Heading into the final two WQS events this year, Tanner was sitting at 17th. After narrowly missing the quarters of the Reef Hawaiian Pro, Tanner jumped up to 16th in the ratings. Leaving it all up to the finish at Sunset Beach for the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing. Tanner charged the Psycho Sunset with no abandon the entire event. Putting everything on the line.

In the Round of 32 Tanner just had to make it out of his heat and he’d have enough points to qualify for 2010. And by some strange twist of fate, two of the three other surfers in that heat were his brother’s Pat and Dane. "I owe a lot to Pat and Dane because they were like having caddies in the water, and Mason [Ho] as well," said Tanner. "It was like a gentlemen's heat. I couldn't have thought of three other people I would have wanted to have a heat out there.”

While Pat and Dane let Tanner solidify some scores before taking a wave, Tanner won the biggest heat of his life. "We didn't have a strategy going into the heat, but we wanted Tanner to get through for sure,” Patrick said. “It was definitely the priority and you don't have too many opportunities to help out someone in that situation.”

As for the Gudang trio, they may be a little split up next year with Dane having to slog it out on the ‘QS once again. But we’re sure they’ll be doing some of those events together and still making bro trips. But as for Tanner and Pat, they’ll be showcasing themselves as rookies in the world’s biggest spotlight. As Pat summed up Tanner’s qualification, “Surfing with him next year will be a dream come true." Congrats Tanner!

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