The Lost Art Of Bead Making – Be like Glue Foot.

The Lost Art Of Bead Making

Be like Glue Foot.

Beads-the small circular formations of wax that appear when you wax your board-were the coolest things ever when I was a kid. Some of the older local dudes had beads the size of quarters that would allow them to pull off any maneuver imaginable. One guy’s beads were so awesome everybody called him “Glue Foot” instead of his real name, Todd Martin (where are you, Glue Foot?). Anyway, somewhere along the line people started just smooshing wax onto their board, creating a slippery and flat surface-the result of no beads.

Step 1. Clean all the wax off your board. After using a wax comb (or your mom’s spatula), use foam dust from your local surfboard factory to clean the residual wax off. If no dust is available, use one of the many wax-removal products available at surf shops.

Step 2. Make diagonal lines with the wax. Use the flat edge of a bar of wax to make a checkerboard-like pattern on the deck of your board. Lines should be about two inches wide and spread apart evenly. Cover the lower two-thirds of your board. This step will ensure a good base coat.

Step 3. Apply the wax to the crisscrossed area. Rub the wax in with a circular motion-the circle being a bit bigger than a compact disc. There’s no need to apply a ton of elbow grease-take your time and apply evenly. If done properly with the right type of wax, small beads should begin forming-these are what you want.

Step 4. Reapply before every surf. You don’t need to glob it on there-just get a coat on top of the old one. If you have nice beads on there, you won’t need a wax comb.-Justin Cote