The waiting game is all too familiar for surfers of the Great Lakes. But this past weekend it paid off with some ideal conditions on Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior for everyone to enjoy before things start to freeze over completely for the winter.

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Single digit air temperatures (and negative wind chills) were on offer for those brave enough to suit up. The water temperature is around its fresh water freezing point of 32-degrees. But the sun was shining in some places and those dedicated enough came out for a fun weekend to obtain their biggest ice beards.

DNA Info Chicago chatted with photographer Mike Killion about the weekend session. As he told them of their Northwest Indiana session on Lake Michigan, “It’s for the love of fun and being outside and being with your friends. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are like as long as you have a smile on your face.”

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Lake Huron also saw some good conditions this weekend in Georgian Bay, which is in Collingwood, Ontario. Captured on video, it gives a bit of visual perspective for what these Great Lakes surfers endured.

If that isn’t enough for your fresh water desires, Great Lakes surfer Daniel Schetter uploaded what might be the greatest ice beard ever from surfing Lake Superior last week.

And even further up on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, there were some sessions going down in the snow all weekend long for those who sought it out.

Dieter on a mysto Inside Racine Right.

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Hopefully this was enough to wet the whistle (err ice the whistle) of Great Lake surfers everywhere. While there might be another session or two remaining this winter, you can bet those hardcore freshwater surfers are chomping at the bit for the next time the Lakes provide.