For the last time ever, fans of the infamous TearDevils surf movie trilogy will be able to not only see their favorite moments on the big screen, they'll be able to own all 3 movies on one DVD.

Seth Elmer as "WaveHeart"

Seth Elmer as "WaveHeart"

Jesse Schluntz, who produced the TearDevils videos from 1995-1998, will be screening The Best of TearDevils at the famous La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California on Thursday, November 5th at 7 & 9pm. As a one-night-only special, fans will be able to purchase all 3 cult classics on a single DVD for just $10.

"People have been asking me to do something like this for a long time now", says the director. "I guess everyone just misses the time when surf movies were about getting together and having fun".

The TearDevils movies enjoyed a healthy following during the late 1990s, which ranged from underground to mainstream. Each video is a mixture comedy, horror, and surfing by everyone from lesser-known San Diego amateurs like Chris Cote to top world professionals like Kelly Slater. The series received 2 consecutive "Best Humor" awards at its annual Surfer Magazine Poll & Video Awards show.

The infamous "chug milk and spew" trick as seen in <i>Teardevils</i>.

The infamous "chug milk and spew" trick as seen in Teardevils.

This special screening will feature memorable scenes from all 3 movies. Moments include rock legend Ozzy Osbourne tossing out other surf movies until he finds his favorite one (TearDevils of course), A sniper clearing the lineup by shooting surfers off their boards, Seth Elmer tearing up waves in Scottish war paint as he assumes the character "Waveheart", and a couple of masochistic surfers turning themselves into a high-pressure slime hoses by rapidly downing a gallon of milk.

The Best of TearDevils can be seen, and the entire trilogy purchased, at the La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas on Thursday, November 5th at 7 and 9pm. Tickets are expected to sell out fast. Local rock band Thieves and Liars will be performing onstage before each showing, and $1 from each ticket sale will be donated to Indonesian earthquake relief.

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