According to the release, Taylor Thorne, "…walked away with $250 cash, a large bag of prizes, and some added street cred." I didn't know kids from Newport we're looking for "street cred" but I'm glad he got some.

Rip Curl GromSearch

Rip Curl GromSearch finalists.

Costa Mesa, CA (June 15, 2009): It's a forgone conclusion that 9th Street, Huntington Beach would witness electrifying action this past weekend, compliments of the nation's top 16/under talent. But, when a pulsing head-high southern hemi joined the party for the 1st of the 2009 Rip Curl GromSearch fueled by H20 Overdrive, the level of surfing reached Mount Everest-esque heights.

Tayor Thorne Rip Curl GromSearch Winner

Taylor Thorne (above), waving the flag for Newport Beach, made the 5-minute drive up the coast to straight-up hold down home court. Thorne flared up in the wedgey, skatepark conditions all weekend long, where he eventually met some formidable opponents in Kyle Galtes, Nathan Carvalho, and Colin Moran in the final. Thorne ultimately released two consecutive backside man-hacks, coupled with an impressive sting of maneuvers in the inside to notch a 9.7 and ultimately the win.

"I'm really stoked with this result," released a gracious Thorne during the award ceremony/after-party at the Rip Curl Huntington Beach store. "My boards have been in tune, I've been working with my coach, and it's all paid off today."

With the win, Thorne walked away with $250 cash, a large bag of prizes, and some added street cred.

In the Boys 14/under final, double-dipper, Colin Moran, utilized his long, lanky frame to unwind on some unsuspecting 9th Street walls. The polished regular-footer took out a stacked field, and walked away leaving no one in doubt who holds the 14/under crown.

Kanoa Igarashi is going to be a superstar. The small-statured regular-footer released some man-sized maneuvers throughout the weekend that came into full fruition in the Boys 12/under final. In an absolutely stacked final, Igarashi held off a surging Jacob Davis to emerge victorious.

In the Girls 16/under, Lakey Peterson utilized the GromSearch platform to shed light on her undeniable talent. The humble regular-foot made her intention clear in Day 1, as she came within .2 of sealing a perfect 10 ride. In the final, Lakey maintained the momentum, and sealed the win.

Other highlights included a valiant frontside air reverse hoisted by Andrew Jacobson. In the first heat of the day of Round 2, Jacobson launched the high risk maneuver, rode out cleanly, and sealed the "H20 Overdrive Maneuver of the Event", which padded his pockets with a cool $100 cash.

The GromSearch movement takes the fury across the Pacific to Kewalo Basin on Oahu's south shore, July 11. Rip Curl would like to thank all Rip Curl GromSearch sponsors, supporters, and partners: H20 Overdrive, Smith Optics, Bubble Gum Surf Wax, Surfline, Surfing Magazine, Wahoos, Surf One sktateboards,, and the Shorebreak Hotel.

Official Results: 2009 Rip Curl GromSearch fueled by H20 Overdrive- Stop #1, 9th Street, Huntington Beach:

BOYS 16/under:
1.        Taylor Thorne- $250
2.        Kyle Galtes
3.        Nathan Carvalho
4.        Colin Moran

BOYS 14/under:

1.        Colin Moran- $250
2.        Jacob Halstead
3.        Taylor Clark
4.        Andrew Jacobson

BOYS 12/under:
1.        Kanoa Igarashi- $250
2.        Jacob Davis
3.        Kalani David
4.        Landon McNamara

GIRLS 16/under:
1.        Lakey Peterson- $250
2.        Nage Melamed
3.        Leia Hurst
4.        Dax McGill

H20 Overdrive Maneuver of the Event:
Andrew Jacobson- $100