Taylor Knox is a huge Conner Coffin fan

Conner Coffin lays into a huge turn in South Africa, demonstrating why Taylor Knox is a huge Conner Coffin fan. Frame grab from video

Despite being more than 20 years apart in age, renowned power surfer and former ASP World Tour stalwart Taylor Knox and up-and-coming California pro Conner Coffin have a lot in common—especially the amount of muscle each surfer puts into his turns.

With power beyond his years, Coffin is on his way to being the next surfer out of Santa Barbara to make it to the big leagues of surfing, a.k.a. the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT). Still, power surfing will only get you so far. What really impresses Taylor is how the 21-year-old handles himself as a person. "You can have a nice conversation with him," says Taylor. "He's more than just a surfer. That tells me he's pretty well adjusted.”

Currently sitting in the No. 75 slot on the World Qualifying Series, Conner is a long shot to make the WCT this year, but one can hope, right? "I'm rooting for him to get onto the Tour," says Knox with a chuckle.

Filmed and edited by Steven Schultz

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