Hot on the heels of getting a sheep to Surf – the Finisterre team, is gearing up to launch a sequel to the Surfing Sheep – 'Surfing Sheep take 2'. The team that created a world first and an internet sensation, by getting 'Mildred' the sheep to successfully catch a wave, do a full rail to rail cutback and ride to the beach were overwhelmed with the support and calls about Mildred. The short video was released less than a month ago and is on its way to reach half a million views.

Finisterre's Design Director, said, "we can't believe that a Bowmont Sheep breeding program in North Devon, would have turned into this. Mildred was featured on ABC News, ESPN, and in newspapers across the world.  After launching the initial video of Mildred the surfing sheep, three weeks ago, they decided to put additional footage of her on the day together, catching a few more waves.

Mildred the surfing sheep went surfing to help promote Finisterre's pioneering work in brining back a rare breed of sheep, back from near extinction.  Finisterre was recognized for the efforts in this area and was awarded a RSPCA Finalist Good Business Award. As part of their doing 'Clever Things with Wool' campaign they taught the sheep to surf in Cornwall to raise awareness. They hope to grow the flock of rare sheep, and use the wool to contribute towards their merino base layers and underwear range. Find out more about Finisterre's surfing sheep and see the full length video below:

Finisterre is a small and exclusive company based on the cliffs of North Cornwall. The brand that was founded with it's roots in providing technical apparel for cold water surfers, has grown its following to include climbers, cyclists and other outdoor users who appreciate the brand's, merino base layers, down and waterproof jackets and environmental credentials.

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