CJ in 2005 at Teahupoo, a place where both he and his brother have won. Photo: WSL/Kirsten

CJ in 2005 at Teahupoo, a place where both he and his brother have won. Photo: WSL/Kirsten

We covered some of the great clans in surfing recently, where the Ho, Curren, Fletcher and Irons families were all featured. This had us thinking that perhaps no other sport has such a number of successful brothers. Here a few who have made their names in the water.

The Hobgoods

“There have been many impressive brother duos in surfing’s history,” says surf journalist Jason Borte. “Never, though, has a set of twins ascended so far in the competitive ranks as Florida’s CJ and Damien Hobgood.”

CJ was rookie of the year in 1999 and became world champion in 2001. CJ has chalked up six WCT event victories, and Damien four, many in the serious barreling waves at Tahiti and Fiji and Mundaka. When CJ isn’t face planting on rocks, he is fighting to stay in surfing’s top ranks (he finished 2015 in 23rd), while Damien is hitting the Big Wave World Tour. The twins are also working on a movie about their extraordinary lives (see above).

The Gudauskases

Gudauskas brothers

Left to right: Pat, Dane and Tanner take in the sights while making their series “Down Days.”

Dane, Pat and Tanner Gudauskas (commonly known as the Gudangs) are three San Clemente, California, brothers who in a short time have made their mark in surfing. Dane has carved out a career as an adventurer and big-wave hellman, while his twin, Pat, has had the most competitive success. The youngest, Tanner, is a smooth blend of his brothers.

Crucially, they are at home in waves from 2 feet to 25 and can be seen chasing massive swells, ratings points, good times and sun 365 days a year.

The Padaratzes

surfing brothers

Neco Padaratz at J-Bay. Photo: WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

Flavio Padaratz was the first Brazilian to make the World Tour. In his career he had three top-10 finishes and won two Qualifying Series titles. His younger brother, Neco, also went on to claim two WQS titles, in 2003 and 2004.

Neco had multiple tour victories, including the Quiksilver Pro in France in 2002, and he competed at the elite level up until 2011. Between them, they flew the flag for Brazilian surfing for two decades.

The Malloys

The Malloys

The Malloys are ambassadors for Patagonia. Here, Dan shows the Truth to Materials capsule. Photo: Patagonia

The three Malloy Brothers, Chris, Keith and Dan, have had a huge impact on surfing, be it through competition, film, music or environmental activism.

Chris is the eldest and pack leader, who forged a reputation in Hawaii and through his direction of surf films. The middle brother, Keith, was the most successful competitively, qualifying for the elite Top 44 World Championship Tour in 2003. The youngest, Dan, was perhaps the most talented surfer and least assuming of all three, but followed his brothers’ love of traveling and exploration and indulged in his photography, music and filmmaking passions.

The Carrolls

Tom Carroll Nick was an Australian champion surfer who performed at the elite level of competition in the 1970s and ’80s and went on to become one of surfing’s great sportswriters. Younger brother Tom would claim two world titles, sign the first million-dollar contract in surfing and be forever associated with power surfing.

The two teamed up for Tom’s autobiography, called TC, which chronicles Tom’s career and his later battles with drug addiction.

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