Snow surfing the Austrian backcountry

The sport of snowboarding in many ways originated from the desire to surf on snow. Martin Winkler decided to revisit the roots of the sport.

As you might know, much of snowboarding’s origin came from the desire to go snow surfing. The Snurfer is widely regarded as the device that helped birth the sport back in 1965, and now, Austrian pro skier Martin “McFly” Winkler has decided to return to the sport’s roots by taking a surfboard out in the Austrian backcountry.

Winkler said that when he was younger, he traveled from the landlocked country of Austria to the French surfing city of Biarritz and purchased a surfboard completely on impulse.

“I had no idea about surfing; I just wanted to stand on a wave for once in my life,” Winkler said in the video posted two weeks ago. “And I got hooked.”

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So, after a recent dump in the Austrian backcountry, Winkler decided to paddle out into the fresh Austrian powder.

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Winkler, who is a passionate Back to the Future fan, wrote that the experience was as close to replicating the movie’s famed hoverboarding scenes as he had ever experienced.

“Probably comes pretty close to a hover board,” Winkler wrote about the video on his Facebook page. “Marty, thanks for the inspiration.”

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