Surfers tackle mutant wave on Maui: ‘scariest paddle wave of my life’

And they're not talking about Jaws ...

There is a well-documented, tight knit crew of Maui surfers pushing the limits at Jaws and in the air. Amongst them are Albee Layer (who landed that insane double spin), Billy Kemper, Matt Meola and others.

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The group took things to a completely new level yesterday when video and photos were posted online of a wave on Maui that probably shouldn’t have been paddled in to.

Layer called this specific wave “the scariest paddle wave of my life, Jaws included.” And Kemper reiterated that sentiment in regards to the entire session: “That was damn well the scariest surf session of my life!”

Meola and Dege O’Connell were running the jet skis and Francisco Porcella joined Layer and Kemper in the water. Porcella can be seen getting caught on the inside a couple of times in the above video.

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This comes just a week after Porcella pulled off a flawless, accidental toboggan ride down a large wave at Mavericks.

With the consensus that this was probably the most nerve-wracking paddle session this crew has had (which is saying something, considering these guys are constantly tackling the biggest waves in the world), it remains to be seen if this mutant slab will be surfed in extremely difficult conditions like this again.