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Signs detailing the international Surfers’ Code have been erected at the Gold Coast’s most popular breaks in a bid to combat surf rage.

An initiative of the Gold Coast City Council, Surfing Queensland and the Surfrider Foundation, the surfboard-shaped signs read ‘Give respect to gain respect’ and detail the do’s and dont’s of riding the waves.

They were recently installed at Burleigh, Currumbin Alley and Snapper Rocks and the idea is taking off around the world.

The signs are also in place in California, Europe and across beaches in NSW.

The move comes after the Gold Coast surfing community called on locals and tourists to respect international surfing etiquette following reports of surf rage incidents at local beach breaks in July.

Tension has flared at Snapper Rocks because of overcrowding and surfers dropping in on a wave when they do not have right of way.

The new signs indicate who has right of way and explain to surfers not to drop in, how to paddle out, communicate with others, surf within their ability, take off with commitment and avoid accidents.

Chief executive of Surfing Queensland Andrew Stark said the initiative was a proactive approach to surf rage.

“We really wanted to do it as a proactive stance on the surf rage and the behaviour that’s been there over the years and to educate people as much as we can about the etiquette and rules of the surf,” he said.

“It’s actually an internationally recognised code and it’s got diagrams as well as written English so people can understand it even if they don’t speak English.”

Currumbin surfer Dahmian Pen said he saw a similar sign in Western Australia recently and was glad to see one at Snapper.

“It’s the main surf break in Australia that everyone knows about,” he said.

“All the tourists that come and learn to surf, it shows them how to not annoy the locals too much and give a bit more respect.”

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