Every surfer who has ever gotten burned on a wave has probably felt the overwhelming urge to give the offending surfer a piece of their mind. But what happens when the surfer dropping in on you happens to be former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott? In the case of one Australian surfer, you settle for throwing him some serious stink eye.

Ivy Thomas, a 17-year-old Australian surfer, was surfing Monday off the coast of the famed Noosa Heads surf town in Queensland, Australia when the 58-year-old Abbott dropped in on her wave. Thomas took to her Instagram account to share a photo of her brief encounter with the former PM, and despite her majorly unimpressed look in the photo, she swears it was a pleasure surfing with the politician.

“He gave me a bit of a smile because he knew I was on it, but I didn’t mind sharing,” Thomas told the Daily Mail. “Only in Australia would I get dropped in on by an ex-Prime Minister.”

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Thomas said that Abbott wasn’t completely lost out in the lineup. Instead, she said the ex-Prime Minister seemed right at home in the surf and was welcomed by all the surfers in the water.

Tony abbott drops in on aussie teen

Thomas often posts surfing photos of her adventures in Queensland, but this was the first time she was joined by a former PM. Photo: Courtesy of Roisin Carolan

“He was cheering people on. Even the little groms, Tony was cheering them as they caught waves,” Thomas told BuzzFeed.

“But I thought it was awesome he was out there having a good time. I have more positive feeling towards him. I didn't mind sharing a wave with him,” she continued.

“It was good because it just makes you realize that he’s a normal person – he was just out there having fun,” Thomas concluded to the Daily Mail.

Anthony “Tony” Abbott was prime minister from September 2013 – September 2015.

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