A surfer found floating facedown in the waters off the Gold Coast of Australia was reported to be unconscious and not breathing when lifeguards pulled the young man to shore just before noon local time Friday.

Lifeguards began CPR immediately and paramedics, once on the scene, continued the life-saving measures to revive the surfer, who is also suspected of suffering spinal injuries, according to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Courier Mail.

Authorities believe the man was surfing alone and knocked himself out on a sandbar at Kirra Beach off Coolangatta.

“At this stage we are looking to safely stabilize him and transport him to the closest hospital … He is in serious condition,” a Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman told The Courier Mail.

Police were reaching out to the public in hopes of identifying the man, described as aged 25 to 30, around 6-feet tall with long, light brown hair, light facial hair (stubble) and a muscular build. He was wearing grey boardshorts.

He was using a Finch brand surfboard.

The Morning Herald wrote that paramedics worked on the man for about an hour to revive him and that paramedics also had to stabilize the man’s spine before transferring him to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital. He remained unconscious. Updates will be added when available.

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