The Orange County Register reported today about a string of pier jumps in Orange County. The most recent included a rescue made by a surfer when a man believed to be intoxicated jumped off the Huntington Beach Pier.

On Sunday, a fully-clothed man jumped from the Huntington Beach Pier and attempted to swim back to shore.

Witness Christina Zambrano described the situation to The O.C. Register: “He was tiring out fast. When you see him trying to move, he wasn't going anywhere. He had his pants and shoes on. He was struggling.”

Lifeguards had not yet caught wind of the jumper, and a few surfers passed him by thinking it was a joke. One surfer eventually came to the man’s aid and helped him onto the front of his surfboard. Lifeguards eventually reached the pair with a water craft before they made it to the beach.

Despite there being an ordinance against pier jumping in Orange County, there have been a string of jumpings recently. A week before, an 18-year-old woman died after jumping from the same pier. Also on Sunday, lifeguards rescued another woman who jumped from the pier in Newport Beach in an attempted suicide. And on Monday, another prankster jumped off the Huntington Beach Pier.

It is not known why these recent pier jumpings are happening in the area, but it is certainly not a smart, nor safe, idea.

As Zambrano noted of the man on Sunday, “That surfer saved his life.”

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