Airports haven’t been a great place for surfers over the years. They tend to destroy board bags and rake us through the coals with baggage fees.

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While traveling usually requires spending lots of time in an airport, one surfer recently came up with a way to take some power back from airlines with the creation of a new sport: baggage carousel surfing.

New Jersey’s Ben Graeff of Nub TV had some downtime during a recent trip through the Orlando International Airport and decided to give the baggage claim carousel a go. Grabbing a bodyboard and picking out the perfect slab of slowly-moving carousel, Graeff birthed a new sport.

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While his session was a little more short lived than he would’ve liked (airport baggage workers are not quite onboard with the sport yet), Graeff did show us that we surfers can still shred and keep stoke going while in the airport — even if you have to pay $600 for a single surfboard one way and it still gets damaged.