Surfboard Science – Sharp Eye

Board: Sharp Eye

Shaper: Marcio Zouvi

Model: SBT

Board type: shortboard

Size: 6’2″

Width: 18 3/4″

Thickness: 2.4″

Tail: round

Surfer: Brandon Tipton

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 185 lbs.

Optimal Conditions

Waist- to head-and-a-half-high waves.

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The SBT’s outline features a more forward-positioned wide point because taller guys have longer legs and often end up with their front foot farther forward. South of the wide point, the rails become more parallel and help create drive. The forward wide point also makes it a good board for front-foot surfers.

Despite having substantial entry rocker at both the twelve- and 24-inch marks, the SBT works well in smaller mushier wave that would typically require reduced entry rocker.

A round tail with lots of tail rocker give the board a solid release point without needing a bump in the outline in front of the fins.

A pronounced single concave runs the length of the bottom of the board, from under the belly through the tail. Boards with a lot of rocker, like the SBT, hold their lines better. Double concaves in boards with a lot of rocker create a squirrelly feeling.

Low, soft rails are forgiving on turns and easier to sink when the big guy wants to do a serious gouge.

The volume the SBT loses in its rails it gains on its domed deck and near its nose. Volume is good for bigger surfers.

Standard shortboard glass job includes a four-ounce bottom and deck with an additional four-ounce patch on 2/3 of the deck for strength.

Shaper’s Notes:

Brandon Tipton is a deceptively tall surfer, and taller guys are always heavier than short guys. The SBT (Shortboard Brandon Tipton) has a lot of hidden volume, more nose lift, and is better suited for a taller guy. Simply blowing up the shortboard shaped for smaller guys doesn’t necessarily work, but Marcio feels like he’s got a design that caters to the particular challenges of the taller surfer. Go rip, big guys … go rip.