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An Australian firm called Surf Lakes is requesting $500,000 via Indiegogo to create a wave pool capable of producing 3,000 waves per hour. The waves will form over eight reefbreaks and four shorebreaks both day and night. The proposed location is Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, located about 60 miles from the Gold Coast's famous breaks of Snapper Rocks and Burleigh Heads.

Incidentally, the location is not far from the proposed site for the Kelly Slater Wave Company park, which was canned after the Australian developers were placed into administration in 2013.

“Our design is different from other wave parks,” says Chris Hawley, the engineer at Surf Lakes. “We can have multiple surfers riding different types of breaks at any time, so we can have barrels for the pros or rolling waves for beginners.”

None of the other wave parks in existence, such as WaveGarden in Spain, the Wadi Pool in Abu Dhabi, or Malaysia's Sunway Lagoon, uses a concentric design to create surfable waves.

“We push the water out concentrically from the center of the pool and rely on the contours in the pool to generate the shape of the wave,” says Hawley.

The Surf Lakes' concentric design is unlike any other wave pool currently in existence. Image: Courtesy of Surf Lakes

Surf Lakes’ concentric design is unlike any other wave pool in the world. Image: Courtesy of Surf Lakes

The firm says it has a patent-pending design where a large central pump creates a series of swell up to 4 meters high, which translates into 6-foot barrels with a tube time of between five and 10 seconds. The waves at the rest of the breaks, which lie farther away from the pump, will be smaller and aimed at beginner surfers.

At this stage Surf Lakes has built a small-scale pool and believes its mathematical modeling proves the design. However, the company is requesting half a million bucks from the crowdfunding site to get to a stage where the design is fit for construction.

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