The battle between Stand Up Paddle Surfers (SUP'ers) and lay down surfers heats up. Personally I think it's ridiculous to invite any kind of governing body into the lineup—especially when it's a surfer vs. surfer issue like this. My theory is this: If there's a crew of guys on shortboards—go somewhere else on your SUP. The two types of craft shouldn't be ridden in the same kind of surf, if you're out at one-foot Cardiff Reef getting mad at SUP'ers you need to check yourself and go somewhere else. Read below for more on this stupid problem… It's not the board, it's the person!

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Up The Surf With A Paddle Is Making Waves

Over the past several years, the popularity of stand-up paddling has grown exponentially, as the once-novel activity has evolved into a full-fledged phenomenon. Not surprisingly, the growth of the sport, when mixed with the already-increasing popularity of traditional surfing, has stirred tensions between surfers and stand-up paddlers, scrounging amid a scarcity of waves.

Surfers, many of whom ride stand-up paddleboards themselves, initially viewed stand-up paddling as another form of riding a wave, even if some surfers begrudged the unwieldy boards and large paddles. At first an oddity, the trend caught on, and so did the crowds of stand-up paddlers at popular surf breaks. In San Diego, breaks such as Cardiff Reef routinely have half-a-dozen stand-up paddlers or more stroking around the surf zone.

Not surprisingly, many surfers began to resent the presence of the large crafts, referring to stand-up paddlers with derogatory terms like "sweepers," "janitors" and "oarons."

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Can't we all just get along?

Can't we all just get along?