The stars of the film, Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton. Photo courtesy Roche

The stars of the film, Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton. Photo courtesy Roche

San Diego’s Cyrus Sutton has a knack for the unconventional. His films (and website deviate from the typical shred flick and his latest work, Stoked And Broke is another one along abnormal lines. For this one Cyrus and fellow dissenter Ryan Burch set out on foot for a surf trip in their own backyard, San Diego, while riding boards they mostly created. I caught up with Cyrus to get some insight into where this idea formed, what we can expect, and what simplistically exploring in one’s own backyard can teach us. Check out the tour dates below, you won’t want to miss this one.—Ryan Brower

What was the motivation behind the staycation in your own home county?
I’ve spent years on surf trips with pros to perfect tropical reef passes and I wanted to do the opposite of that.  I just thought people could relate more to two guys looking for the feeling of a surf trip without the airports and all the hassles of traveling and ditching our cars, building our own surfboard carts and walking the whole way really made it feel like a crazy trip. Even pulling up at a local break felt rad, like it does after an all day drive in Mexico or a red eye flight to some island. It felt like we’d earned it.

Where was the sketchiest place you slept?

We weren’t stupid enough to camp on the streets of downtown SD so there aren’t any knifing stories but there’s a dirt road behind the train tracks at Seaside Reef that was the neighborhood off-leash dog walking trail. I woke up with snarling dogs in my face three times in one night and that sucked.

Best session of the eight days?

It’s crazy how your priorities change when you’re walking from break to break. We scored epic waves earlier in the trip but I’d have to say La Jolla just because we were couch surfing and there was a warm shower after the session.

Did you actually walk the entire way from Encinitas to Point Loma?


Tell us about some of the people you met.

There’s this old dude named Steve in La Jolla who really stands out. He lives in his VW bus and has been kneeboarding since the 70’s. He laid down some pretty serious life lessons that were pretty intense.

The synopsis says: “what begins as a guide to taking a minimalist surfing journey, quickly becomes an examination of freedom vs alienation.” What of this freedom vs. alienation?

Being a die hard surfer in California is becoming more and more difficult, everybody’s working longer and longer hours and paying rent by the beach is gnarly. Committing the time to be in the ocean takes some serious sacrifices. Often its college or the full time job that gets pushed to make room for more surf time. I expected the surf bums we met to be psyched, laughing at society while they were scoring waves. But they weren’t, a lot of them were lonely and isolated. Having a family and being a part of this society takes a lot of time and money that those guys didn’t commit and their lives are bittersweet because of it. I started the trip idolizing surf bums, now my view’s a little more tempered.

What were some of the boards or wave vehicles you guys rode/built?

A gun, finless chunks of foam, a fish, a log and handplanes. Perfect for the waves around San Diego.

Where can we see it?

The next show is at the La Paloma on September 9th at 7 and 9pm, you can go to for all tour info and pre-sale tickets.

Stoked And Broke Tour Schedule

September 9, 2010

La Paloma Theater

471 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

Featuring 2 showings of STOKED AND BROKE @ 7:00pm and 9:00pm

September 16, 2010

Newport Beach Lido Theater

3459 Via Lido
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Show starts at 8:00pm

September 18, 2010

Downtown San Diego

more info coming soon…

September 24th-26th

New York Film Festival

Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013

September 30th – October 2nd

Canadian Surf Film Festival

Empire 8 Park Lane
5657 Spring Garden Rd.
Halifax, NS B3J 3R4

October 6, 2010

San Francisco Roxie Theater

3117 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Show starts at 8:00pm


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