Documentary Stephanie in the Water is now available for streaming. The movie explores the motivation and determination of one of the most formidable female surfers, Stephanie Gilmore.

Gilmore is a six-time world champion surfer and is currently ranked three on the Tour. She’s been taking world championship titles since she was 17 and dominating the sport until “the whole universe flipped upside down.” A violent attack left her with scars deep enough to end her winning streak.

The documentary follows the surfer closely as she works her way back to the top, including the harsher realities of being a champ.

“It was captivating to witness an athlete at an elite level acknowledge her position, quantify its importance, and then challenge it,” director Ava Warbick tells GrindTV.

Stephanie in the Water is available at Vimeo On Demand + Surfer.

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