Stance is proud to welcome John John, Nathan and Ivan Florence to the team.

John John is a household name that the surf community has been familiar
with for quite some time. It always reminded us that the 'kids are alright'
and the future is in good hands. Well that future is here and John John has
come to lay claim to his generational right. His surfing speaks for itself,
embodying a certain innocence and dominance at the same time. JJ has taken
to decimating every heat he surfs as one of the most exciting surfers to
ever hit the World Tour, casually changing the game of surfing as we know

Nathan Florence has a devious grin that is quite telling as to what this
young man has been up to on his lifelong global assault. When not mastering
flips, rushing Teahupoo, or paddling into mountains of water, he enjoys the
art of levitating, seriously, levitating. With a gift for sarcasm, big
brass huevos, and style for miles—the middle brother is on a major come up.

Ivan Florence has been around the world and back, surfed outer reef waves
that would make most men soil themselves, and quietly become an
international heartthrob, most likely landing women twice his age, surfing
waves ten times his height, and living life with reckless abandon—good
thing chicks dig scars.

All three brothers are paving individual paths that we are extremely
pleased to be a part of.

Stance will be releasing the "Triple Threat" signature style for the boys
that will be in stores in later this year.