Stage 1 Of The Ultimate Boarder Contest Completed; Surf Leg To Take Place April 8th

Hey wait where are all the surf bros in this? I don't see Nathan Fletcher, Josh Sleigh, John John Florence or any of the dudes that can skate, surf, and snowboard. Nevertheless if you're in the Ventura area on Thursday make sure to swing by C-Street to watch these guys battle it out in the surf...

Ultimate Boarder

Santa Barbara, CA
... Bear Mountain hosted yesterday's snow leg of the 2nd Annual Coast Body Wash Ultimate Boarder contest. Kurt Wastell took first place in the solo event while Bjorn Leines puts Team Hosoi on top leading into the surf and skate legs.

The surf competition will take place Wednesday, April 8th at "C" Street, (Ventura) starting at 8:00 AM followed by the final skate leg on April 10th and 11th. 3X  World Champion Tom Curren will be wearing the blue leader jersey heading into the Surfing along with solo winner Kurt Wastell.

Top 10 solo rankings:
1.   Kurt Wastell
2.   Shane Pospisil
3.   Chad Shelter
4.   Todd Richards
5.   Dave Downing
6.   Kristian Philipp
7.   Mugs McGuinnes
8.   Aaron Astorga
9.   Jon Shurke
10. Omar Hassan

Top 10 team rankings:
1.   Bjorn Leines (Hosoi)
2.   Gregory Bokencamp (Val Surf)
3.   Tyler Flanagan (Volcom)
4.   Zack Hale (Old Skool)
5.   Danny Thomas (One Way)
6.   Dave Brumm (The Westsiders)
7.   Alex Dawoud (Billabong)
8.   Christian Koch (Trilogy Arts)
9.   Ian Sams (Bravo Condoms)
10. Chris Bradshaw (Hurley)

View schedule of events here:

Sponsors for the 2009 Ultimate Boarder event include, Title Sponsor – Coast Body Wash, Amtrak California, Bear Mountain, Indo Board and 180 All Natural Energy.

About Ultimate Boarder™
Ultimate Boarder™ is a one-week competition to find the athlete who can conquer the art
of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Ultimate Boarder™ was created in response to the growing popularity of these sports, and as a way to promote healthy athletic lifestyles among young athletes in a positive and competitive environment that grooms role models and heroes for our country's next generation. To register for the Ultimate Boarder™ Championship, and for event details, rules and eligibility visit