This Sunday, June 24, the Surf Open League (SOL) is hosting the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup. The contest includes both men and women which makes it the first big-wave competition in Latin America for women.

“It is an honor to have six women brave enough to surf big Puerto beach break and we are grateful to event director Gary Linden for his support,” WSL Big Wave Tour event coordinator and broadcast reporter, Shannon Quirk told ASN.

Although the WSL did not list Puerto Escondido as one of their stops this year, WSL Big Wave Tour founder, Gary Linden is serving as the event director for the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup and has been supporting Quirk and the team to ensure that the event runs at its best.

At this point Quirk, SOL, and the rest of the surf community hope that the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup triggers a domino effect for other events to consider running a women’s heat, as well.

Puerto Escondido Cup 2018

Puerto. Also known as the Mexican Pipeline. Photo: Courtesy of SOL/@moralesedwin

List of Confirmed Competitors So Far:

Men: Jamie Mitchell (Australia), Lucas Chianca (Brazil), Coco Nogales (Mexico), Nic Lamb (USA), Ramon Navarro (Chile), Rusty Long (USA), Pedro Calado (Brazil), Jojo Roper (USA), Tom Lowe (UK), Alex Botelho (Portugal), Will Skudin (USA), Othmane Choufani (Morocco), Cristian Merello (Chile), Angelo Lozano (Mexico)

Women: Keala Kennelly (Hawaii), Bianca Valenti (USA), Emi Erickson (Hawaii), Polly Kai Ralda (Guatemala), Raquel Heckert (Brazil), Isabelle Leonhardt (Mexico)

You can watch the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup live stream on the Surf Open Legue Facebook page this Sunday at 7 a.m. CDT (5 a.m. PST).

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