For a split second, Craig Bateman believed he was in a whole lot of trouble when a dorsal fin popped up in front of him as he bodyboarded off Ballina, said to be the "shark attack capital" of Australia, located in New South Wales.

Bateman drifted over a wave while holding his board, and moments later the fin appeared. In his video, shared on Storyful via the Daily Mail, he described it as "the moment when you think your life is done."

"My life flashed before my eyes," Bateman told Storyful of the hilarious incident, adding that he had "braced for the worst."

Bateman let out a high-pitched scream before his brain assessed what he saw, realizing it wasn't a shark, but a dolphin that was passing by. He immediately began laughing.

"Darn you dolphin!!!! Make me squeal like a girl," he wrote on the video.

Bateman told Storyful he had never been that close to a shark at Ballina, saying lifeguards patrolling with drones typically alert swimmers and surfers of the presence of sharks.

Obviously they don't issue warnings about dolphins.

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