save San Miguel

Save this wave! Surfer/activist Kyle Thiermann visits San Miguel. Photo:

San Miguel in Baja California is known as the "the first wave surfed in Mexico." It’s similar to Lower Trestles in Southern California with its cobblestone beach and bottom, as well as the peeling right-hander that on its day is world class. Both San Miguel and Lower Trestles were formed because of a watershed that leads to the beach, bringing with it sand and rocks that pile up and create the perfect set-up for waves to wrap nicely around the naturally created point of land.

Over the past few years, Trestles has faced possible destruction due to overzealous development, which has ultimately been blocked by hard-fought battles waged by the Surfrider Foundation and Save The Waves. San Miguel is now facing a similar fate, and it's up to YOU to help save it!

San Miguel

San Miguel from above. Photo:

"This is hands down the most winnable issue I’ve ever been part of," says activist and surfer Kyle Thiermann. "Save The Waves only needs 9,000 signatures and the wave and watershed of San Miguel can be protected, permanently!"

San Miguel rivermouth

The San Miguel rivermouth at the heart of the future World Surfing Reserve in Bahía Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico. Photo: Gina Sinotte

We urge you to sign the petition ASAP and help save this beautiful area. Save it not just for the wave and for the surfers, but for the watershed and natural habitat that locals and tourists alike can enjoy for years to come.

SAVE SAN MIGUEL! Sign the petition NOW!

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