While we officially welcomed spring into the Northern Hemisphere last week, the snow storm that blitzed the eastern parts of the United States begged to differ.

Much of the eastern region of our country have been begging for spring, following four late season nor’easters that proceeded to pummel the dying will of winter into everyone’s minds for one last hurrah.

One group who wasn’t necessarily upset about this were the cold water surfers of the northeast. Those four storms proved to make up for the slow first two-thirds of winter we suffered through this time around. Fortunately, it proved worth the wait.

As a final ode to winter, we’d like to offer up ten-plus-minutes of B-side footage from the recently spectacular cold water surf film “The Seawolf.”

And if you think those are good, you should certainly check out what made the actual movie here. Featuring the surfing of Chippa Wilson, Pete Devries, Noah Cohen, Noah Wegrich and more, Ben Gulliver’s cold water surf film is going to keep us stoked in the warmer months for more of this in the future.

Pete Devries throwing an air to the mountains.

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