Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco Preview And Picks

What: Stop #10 of 11 on the 2011 ASP World Tour, the Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco.
Where: Ocean Beach, San Francisco in the frigid waters of Northern California.
Who: The top 34 World Tour ranked surfers and Rip Curl wildcards Dillon Perillo (USA) and Dean Brady (AUS).
When: November 1-12 with the event running on the 3-4 best days of surf.
How: Watch it live on the 'net at or make your way down to Ocean Beach and see it all go down in person.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photo: Rip Curl

Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photo: Rip Curl

With his second place finish in Portugal, Kelly Slater moved that much closer to an unprecedented 11th ASP World Title. Going in to the next event, the "Somewhere In San Francisco" Rip Curl Pro Search, Slater only needs a ninth place to secure the title. But it won't be easy, Ocean Beach is a tricky wave and at this point no one knows what to expect other than big, bombing, and scary surf at one of heaviest beach breaks in the world. If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to go to the Surfrider Foundation Rip Curl Search Pro kickoff party on Nov. 1 at Mezzanine featuring Ty Segall, and Chris Cote's band Kut U Up. As well, make sure to check out the "Save The Waves Film Festival" while you're at it—there will be premieres and screenings throughout the event.

Editor And Surprise Guest Picks

Editor In Chief Chris Coté
Winner: Adriano De Souza always seems to do well at big beachbreaks like this, but I'm going with Captain America! I only have a few more events to throw out the Taylor Knox tattoo challenge. Once again, if Taylor Knox wins this event, I will get a Taylor Knox tattoo.

Shocker: Everyone will have a shocker and I will enjoy it from the comfort of the cozy media tent. Brain freeze, intense closeout sets, duck dives from hell—it's time to earn your paychecks, pro surfers!

Who Will Rip: The men of the World Tour, and what I mean is the guys who are grown ass men—T. Knox, Parko, Fanning, Bede, Dan Ross, etc.

Who Will Slip: I will slip away from the event and enjoy a few days in one of America's most amazing cities! Don't forget to come to the Surfrider Foundation "Somewhere In San Francisco" kick off party on Nov. 1 at The Mezzanine. Go to ripcurlprosearchkickoffparty for tickets.

Alex Gray likes Wilko's chances in and out of the water... Photo courtesy Rip Curl.

Alex Gray likes Wilko's chances in and out of the water... Photo courtesy Rip Curl.

Guest Pro Picks From Alex Gray
Winner: Kelly Slater—'cause if he gets ninth or better he wins the World Title. We all know he's the most mathematical human in the world so of course he's gonna win. Once he wins, he'll propose to his girlfriend, donate his winnings to the Rainbow Association of San Francisco, get a key to the city, and buy the entire Ghirardelli Chocolate Corporation.

Shocker: Adriano will deducted points for too many claims.

Who Will Rip: Pat G is gonna rip cause he's my favorite surfer, Wilko will probably rip on land as well as in the water—he'll be the overall champion of life. Taylor Knox will do the best turn of the event cause he's the best surfer on tour.

Who Will Slip: Everyone is general will trip on how cold the water is, if there is swell, they will slip on how heavy that wave is. There's a possibility that some people will not make it out, that one of the heaviest beachbreaks in the world when it's over ten feet.

The city by the bay... Photo courtesy Rip Curl.

The city by the bay... Photo courtesy Rip Curl.

Online Editor Justin Coté
Winner: Dan Ross. It's gonna be a paddle and duck dive battle and there's no fitter and more bad ass paddler duck diver than big ol' Dan Ross.

Shocker: Kelly's bald head will freeze up and he'll bow out early leaving the World Title to be decided at the Banzai Pipeline. My other predicted shocker is that it will get so foggy a competitor will be lost at sea.

Who will rip: Anyone who can make it out the back before their heat is over.

Who will slip: The flyweight groms of the tour are gonna have a rough go at that big, cold, and sharky beachbreak.

Associate Editor Zander Morton
Winner: Fanning. All his CHEK training is going to pay off at this paddle fest of a surf contest.

Shocker: Kelly Slater wins his 11th World Title in SF. Actually never mind, we all knew that was going to happen.

Who will rip: No one. 10-point totals are winning heats at this event.

Who will slip: Anyone ill prepared to paddle like hell. When is the last time a competitor on the WT failed to make it out during their heat? I bet it happens here.

Who’s Your Pick To Win The Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco?