Divine Surf Graces Church for Surfing America Prime
Surfing America Prime presented by Got Milk? Event 2
Church Beach, San Onofre State Beach
October 6, 2012

This was our 5th year at Church San Onofre for Surfing America Prime and it has never let us down. Like clockwork, a new southern hemisphere swell began pulsing in Friday afternoon with shoulder to head high, glassy peaks. The surf and weather couldn't have been better with the wind staying down all day and the swell building in consistency. The abundance of great waves produced some stunning surfing prompting PacSun USA Surf Team Assistant Coach and announcer, Micah Byrne, to proclaim, "I've been to 12 or so Prime events and the surfing in this one was so advanced it blew me away. The bar has been raised so high by this series and it's great to watch all the kids blow up!"

There were lots of memorable performances, but standouts included 13 year-old Meah Collins battling back for the win in the Girls U18 division after a disappointing 4th place in her main division, Girls U16. Steffi Kerson flying under the radar and coming from seemingly nowhere to take the win in Girls U16. Jake Marshall also redeemed himself after his 4th place finish in Boys U16 to decisively win the Boys U18 division by positioning himself on the south peak and boosting a huge slob air on a running right. Eithan Osborne took his second win in two contests in the Boys U14 division dominating with a 9.5 and 8.17 for a 17.67 heat total. Griffin Colapinto was back in form with his trademark power surfing combined with an arsenal of cleanly executed airs propelling him to the top spot in Boys U16.

With the talent level in Surfing America Prime, most of the heats were absolute barn burners. Boys U18 Quarterfinal number 4 was a throw-down where Jake Marshall, Colt Ward, Thelen McKinna-Worrell and Jake Kelly were all out doing one another in great surf for the entire 20 minute heat. Jake Marshall took 1st with 15.16, but Jake Kelly was 4th with 14.37. Only .79 points separated 1st from 4th!

Next up is event number 3 at T-Street San Clemente December 8 & 9. This event was rescheduled from Salt Creek on November 3 & 4 to avoid a conflict with NSSA SW Open event schedule then.

1. Jake Marshall, 16.16, Encinitas
2. Colt Ward, 11.54, San Clemente
3. Tyler Killeen, 8.96, Long Beach
4. Matt Passaquindici, 5.10, Huntington Beach.

1. Meah Collins, 13.50, Newport Beach
2. Tia Blanco, 12.50, San Clemente
3. Samantha Lamirand, 11.83, Cardiff by the Sea
4. Danielle Wyman, 6.00, Laguna Niguel.

1. Griffin Colapinto, 14.90, San Clemente
2. Tyler Killeen, 13.23, Long Beach
3. Colin Deveze, 11.66, San Clemente
4. Jake Marshall, 9.53, Encinitas.

1. Steffi Kerson, 12.80, Pacific Palisades
2. Tia Blanco, 8.26, San Clemente
3. Kylie Loveland, 7.10, Carlsbad
4. Meah Collins, 4.37, Newport Beach

1. Eithan Osborne, 17.67, Ventura
2. Nick Marshall, 12.93, Encinitas
3. Ryland Rubens, 12.23, Pacific Beach
4. Griffin Foy, 9.13, Fullerton.