This years 2nd Annual Malibu Invitational kicked off Friday Night with a bang at Duke’s Malibu with the same focal point as last year, Raise Money for Lyon.  We set up a killer silent auction again this year and it went off to say the least!  Thank You to Danny Fuller, Billabong, Anthony Bevilacqua, Michael Bailey, DaKine, Matt Sprouse, and everyone else who donated to our auction.  While the auction was doing its thing Duke’s displayed an appetizer and dinner reception to die for as well as provided a beautiful breathe taking sunset to set the mood.  Coors Light sponsored the event along with Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Estates which made for plenty of beer and wine to go around and another sponsor that really got the party started was Patron with their Ice Sculpture Tequila Slide.  I guess we know how to throw a party, and surprisingly everyone made their next day heat times although some were more wounded then others.

Adam Virs, Malibu Invitational

Pro division winner Adam Virs. Photos courtesy Malibu Invitational.
Saturday morning was the start of our weekend surf contest and our Man of the Weekend Lyon Herron surfed the opening wave to start the 1st Heat of the day.  For those of you who don’t know why we throw this event every year let me fill you in real fast. Lyon Herron is a local kid who has been fighting a rare kind of cancer called Gardner’s Syndrome since he was 4 years old.  This contest was born by our consortium of great friends sticking up for one of our own in hopes to raise Lyon as much money as we can to make it just a little easier on him and his family.  It just so happens that our great group of friends collectively has the resources to pull something like this off with style and grace and all in all for the greatest cause I could ever think of.
The Malibu Invitational consisted of 3 divisions like last year which were the Pro’s Invitational, “Malibu Legends” Invitational, and Grom’s Invitational.  The Pro’s were competing for a $4,000 purse and the likes of Benji Weatherly, Brad Gerlach, Danny Fuller, Kyle Knox, Quinn McCrystal, Dillon Perillo, Anthony Petruso, Brendan Hearne, Josh Curran, Adam Virs, and many others came out to try and earn an extra coin for their bank account.  The Malibu Legends however had a bigger purse to compete for: Bragging Rights!  Legends like Allen Sarlo, Donny Wilson, Tom Daniels, Solo Scott, Dale Rhodes, John Baker, Steven Lippman, Carlos Del Olmo, Joey Jenkins, Mike Chipko, and many more had their game faces on for the King Of The Point Title.  The groms just wanted to surf, which they did, and still got to go home with some good prizes from Sector 9, Oneill, and Vestal Watches.
This event, like our 1st annual, had 3 parts to our one single story:  Lyon, Surfing, and Community.  Throwing these three parts together in one chosen weekend for one great outcome is amongst the utmost rewarding things that any of us have ever done in our young lives.  I want to take this time, on behalf of Lyon and myself, to thank our consortium of great friends that made this event run strong for 2 years straight….  Pascal Stansfield and Patrick Jensen, Skylar Peak and John Hildebrand, Josh Morgan and Brian Rogers, Jordan Tappis and Jason Rouse, Chris Duffy and Blake Richards, Darrel Rae and Barbie Herron Rae, Jimmy Gamboa and Ryan Conder, and Seumas Santoro and Steven Lippman.  Without all of our sense of community, urgency to help a friend in need, and the willingness to sweat a little this event wouldn’t be the prestigious beast it has become today.  Thank You All!
For a full photo gallery of the event check out:
1.  Kelly Zaun
2.  Dane McCrystal
3.  Skylar Lawson
4.  Colton Sarlo
Malibu Legends:
1.  Donny Wilson
2.  Tom Daniels
3.  Solo Scott
4.  Allen Sarlo
1.  Adam Virs
2.  Brenden Hearne
3.  Kyle Knox
4.  Anthony Petruso