The infamous big-wave invitational, Red Bull Cape Fear is back at an all new location for 2018: Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania – one of the heaviest slabs in the world. This will be the first-ever live broadcast held at Tasmania’s unforgiving (and extremely dangerous) wave.

Mark Matthews charging a very heavy slab. Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Chisholm/Red Bull Content Pool

To put Shipstern Bluff’s power into perspective, the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards had two “Wipeout of the Year” nominations there during the same session.

The event will be put on a waiting period from Aug. 1, 2018 through the end of December so they can survey the area in hopes of hosting the event during the best possible swell.

“Surfing a wave like Shipstern Bluff gives a sense of satisfaction and relief," says three-time World Champion Mick Fanning (one of the surfers who has been invited to this year’s event). “It’s a whole different ballgame in an event like Red Bull Cape Fear. Last time the event ran, I watched every second. I was in awe of the athletes and their performances. To test myself against the ocean, but also against my favorite big-wave surfers, will be a real honor and I'm going to relish the challenge.”

The competition format will consist of four five-man heats. The winner of each heat will be sent straight to the finals where the winner will be crowned 2018 Red Bull Cape Fear Champion.

Check out the Red Bull site for the full list of invited surfers.

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