Businessmen and sharp-dressing gentleman surfers, rejoice! Quiksilver’s latest creation, True Wetsuits, quite literally puts the “suit” back in “wetsuit.”

Let’s face it. It’s a challenge to really go from the office to the ocean. For those lucky enough to break out of work for a midday swell, you have to drag your gear around in your trunk, all the while wasting precious water time changing out. And then there’s the hurdle of returning to a presentable post-surf appearance. The situation is less-than-ideal, but you put up with it because, well, there’s never been a better option. Until today…

Quiksilver’s newly released True Wetsuits, a neoprene alternative to your workwear, allows you to go from the boardroom to the beach to the bar without having to put up with multiple outfit changes. The four-piece wetsuit is comprised of 2mm neoprene jacket and pants, and a shirt and tie made of water-resistant quick-dry material. Right now it comes in three styles: black, navy and, for the formal surfer, a tux. Available exclusively in Japan, they’ll set you back 300,000 Japanese Yen (about $2,500 US Dollars).

Find out more at Transworld Business.

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