Futuristic Trunks

Quiksilver Cell boardshorts


A lot of us suffer from ball-rash, raw helmet, and chaffage when we wear trunks-this must stop. That’s why Quiksilver came out with Cell boardshorts. Using only two pieces, the trunks feature stitchless seam welding and a patented neo fly (comfortable on little Jimmy’s helmet area, if you know what I mean). Cell trunks are made of a material called Siofree, which is very soft and dries in seconds. Also included are five ding-repair stickers and a fin key/wax comb/beer opener.

All In One

Grundig FR300 AM/FM radio with NOAA Weather, TV VHF, flashlight, and cell-phone charger


This all-in-one unit offers functionality and versatility that makes it ideal for surfers. The FR300 provides you with radio, light, and cell-phone-battery life all in something that fits in your glove box. The Hand-Crank Power Generator charges the internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack-and just 90 seconds of cranking provides up to an hour of radio play. With the NOAA weather channels and TV VHF channels, you can find weather forecasts or listen to TV shows. The weather radio is perfect for chasing swells, understanding conditions, and listening to Howard Stern.

Revamped Watch Wants Your Wrist

Nixon Super Rover


The big, bad, and beautiful Nixon Rover has been revamped and redesigned, and it wants to be on your wrist. This chronograph watch features a six-hand quartz analog movement, date display, a screw-down crown, and “mega link” construction. You can dive up to 200 meters with this bad boy, so don’t worry about your watch getting screwed up when you duck-dive waves at Jaws.