Dane Reynolds

Dane surfing at Trestles in 2013. Photo: Courtesy of WSL

This week Beach Grit made Dane Reynolds’ most recent contract with Quiksilver public on their website. They accessed the details after the contract was put on the public record as part of evidence in a claim regarding the termination of Reynolds’ contract by Quiksilver that is being heard in a Bankruptcy Court in the district of Delaware. Quiksilver had successfully sought relief from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the U.S. bankruptcy code in September 2015.

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The contract reveals that from 2011, Reynolds had a base compensation of $291,666.67 per month (or $3.5 million per year). In addition to the base rate there was a $100,000 signing bonus, as well as 10,000 Quiksilver stock options, vested over a three-year period.

Dane contemplating life in Fiji last year. Photo WSL

Dane contemplating life in Fiji last year. Photo: Courtesy of WSL

His income was also topped off with a three percent royalty on net sales of his signature products. Beach Grit also revealed that just over $70,000 was allocated for travel and living expenses per year, and that Dane’s own production company, Marine Layer, was paid by Quiksilver to produce his own clips.

During those years, with the exception of Kelly Slater, Reynolds was one of the highest profile surfers in the world, finishing a highest ranking of 4th in the world before quitting the professional tour and being paid as a freesurfer. However, the large value of the contract has still surprised many. Quiksilver was also only one of Reynolds’ sponsors, meaning his total earnings may have come close to the $5 million mark each year.

Maybe not quite in the realms of the highest paid basketball or baseball players, but it shows that for some of the sport’s biggest stars, surfing really does pay.

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