Pro Lite X Kid Creature Collab

Pro Lite International Announces Collaboration With Kid Creature

Pro Lite International proudly announces a two-tiered collaboration with artist Calvin Sexton, who is better known as Kid Creature! The new Pro Lite collection will aid Kid Creature's ongoing efforts to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Pipeline to a Cure Foundation. Based on art from Kid Creature, two signature traction pads will be available at retail in early June, with a signature collection of leashes to follow June 20.

"We are truly excited to work on such a fun and project with someone like Cal at Kid Creature," said Pro Lite's Marketing Director Mike Hendo. "He is a great kid with as much heart as he has talent and imagination. It was Cal's idea to give back to kids with cystic fibrosis, and we were right on board with him. It's amazing to see what comes from the creative mind of a 13- year-old, and the result is a truly unique collection."

"The response we have received from both our retailers and consumers has been extremely positive, and even surprised us a little bit. We believed in this project from its conception, and are really excited to be able work on such a fun project that also gives back to such a worthy cause" said Pro Lite VP Micah Bundy.

About Pro-Lite: Founded in 1982,Pro-Lite is the bi- product of two surfers that happened to be airline employees that shared a dream of riding waves around the world, and needed to find the means to get their boards there safely. Thus, Pro-Lite was born. Pro-Lite is a manufacturer of quality surfing accessories designed to protect your equipment and enhance your experience as you travel the globe. Wherever your travels may take you, we got you covered...get there!

About Kid Creature:
Kid Creature was created by 12-year old Newport Beach native Calvin Saxton, an avid surfer and asthmatic. 10% of the Kid Creature profits are donated to Pipeline for a Cure, a cystic fibrosis non-profit group aimed at raising awareness and support for kids with living with the disease. Learn more about Calvin and his Kid Creature line at