Portugal Tow In Session With Fanning And Taylor Knox

Despite what officials thought were sufficient precautions taken, the contest site at the Rip Curl Pro Search at Supertubes in Peniche, Portugal was wiped out last night in ten-to-twelve foot storm surf. According to contest director Damien Hardman, the show will go on despite the death by drowning of computers, cameras, and audio equipment. "We really wanted to run today, but the site structure at Supertubos is too badly damaged today and the conditions at Lagido never materialized," he said. "We're still seeing plenty of swell on the forecast and better weather so we'll be back at Supertubos tomorrow at 8am tomorrow."

Hopefully the "30 Year Storm," as local Portuguese TV news called it, will bring the yet-to-begin Rip Curl Pro Search some good surf...and didn't take out all of the Web cast equipment!

While the contest site was being swallowed by North Atlantic storm surf, Rip Curl's own Mick Fanning and Taylor Knox got a hold of a few jet skis and used them to whip each other into some bombs. Check the exclusive photos of the storm damage and tow-in session below...