Last night Poor Specimen premiered its latest project at La Paloma theater in Encinitas, California.

Poor Specimen has put some new and old clips together to make a solid new production. This untitled project, shot mostly in film, features the usual suspects: Occy, Shane Dorian, Ross Williams, Taj Burrow, Rob Machado, Tim Curran, Benji Weatherly, Brad Gerlach, Donavon Frankenreiter, and lots of Pat O’Connell, among others. The soundtrack is great too. It’s another top-notch production from Poor Specimen.


This whole movie premiere deal is getting sophisticated. Last night’s experience reminded me of a Warren Miller production. As attendees entered the theater, we were handed a glossy playbill. Inside the color program was the requisite raffle ticket.

Except, this was no ordinary raffle ticket. This one was the size of a postcard and there were questions on it — questions beyond the usuals like “first name,” “last name.” It asked for things like e-mail address, date of birth, how many videos I owned, and what my favorite brands were.

What ever happened to just schlepping a box of product on stage and chucking it out to the crowd?

Also, conspicuously missing were banners. They’d been replaced by slickly produced slides that were projected onto the big screen from the film’s presenting sponsors: Hurley, Dragon, and TransWorld SURF.

Poor Specimen says it will use this information to get a better handle on its core audience — both for Poor Specimen’s benefit and for those who sponsor its productions.

The untitled project will be available April 15. For more info — and to see a trailer for the new movie — go to